Quilting Angels

“Quilting Angels” is a charitable group in the Frisco Lakes Subdivision of Frisco, TX.  They regularly provide lap quilts to a Veterans Home, a shelter for women & kids, and cancer patients, as well as “fidget quilts” for people with Alzheimer’s & Autism.

When the need became apparent to slow the spread of the Covid-19 Virus with masks, Maureen Schmiedel, Chair of Quilting Angels, and Lori Kestila, Chair of Frisco Lakes Day Quilters, knew they could help.  Maureen reached out to a variety of hospitals & medical facilities to offer masks. She fine-tuned mask patterns and created detailed instructions to guide helpers by email while social-distancing. About 2 dozen dedicated volunteers assist with all aspects of production and logistics.  To date, the group has delivered over 5,000 masks to 10 hospitals, other medical facilities, nursing homes, police, cashiers, and vulnerable senior citizens, including 1,810 to Masks4Moms.  

The Quilting Angels group accepts donations of fabric, ribbon, or funds for supplies.  For more information, visit their Facebook page (www. facebook.com/QuiltingAngels.FidgetQuilts), or email [email protected].

Quilting Angels have made a total donation of 1,810 masks to masks4moms!