Roz Liberman

Roz has spent most of her life teaching those around her to maximize their potential. Raised in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, she learned from her parents that we are all only as strong as the communities in which we live. Upon settling down in North Dallas in 1979, Roz bounced back and forth between an inspiring career in education and a successful one in corporate sales. Over the decades, it was her passion for children that wouldn’t shake. Her teaching positions  from preschool through high school (both public and private); influenced the lives of hundreds of students around North Texas. Even in semi-retirement, Roz still finds time to tutor literature and writing to students as they prepare for upper school and beyond. Among all the lives touched, she is most proud of her two children (and spouses) and four grandchildren who all reside in the North Texas community. Her favorite pastime is watching them grow and continue her legacy of bettering the world though kindness and community contribution. 

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